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Woodland Thinning Plympton

Project Snapshot

This project involved Woodland Thinning in Plympton. Our objective was to remove smaller or co-dominant stems to allow competing trees to receive more light and grow better. We also aimed to improve the ground-level conditions of the woodland by letting more light down, which would facilitate the growth of flowers and small shrubs. Additionally, we had to remove three ash stems that were in decline and leaning heavily towards a neighbouring property.

Woodland Thinning Plympton - Tree Trunks - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd
Woodland Thinning Plympton - Trees in Forest - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

The Challenge

This couple owns a small private woodland on their property which they love and enjoy. We have developed a great relationship with them and have worked with them several times to remove and prune trees. This time, we were tasked with Woodland Thinning, to allow more light into the darker areas of the woodland. Our goal was to enable flowers, shrubs and other low to mid-level plants to flourish, while also giving the larger trees more space and light to grow without having to fight for space in the upper canopy. Two sycamore stems were selected by us for removal. We also planned to remove an ash tree with three stems, which was affected by ash dieback, and had a heavy lean towards a neighbouring property.

Woodland Thinning Plympton - Trees - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd
Woodland Thinning Plympton - Couple of Tree Surgeons - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

The Solution

Several spindly sycamore trees were chosen to be removed for our Woodland Thinning Project in Plympton. To remove them, our climbers used neighbouring trees as anchors and rigging to avoid damaging the surrounding undergrowth. The brash was then piled up in one corner to be used for a dead hedge, and the wood was split for drying. After that, we moved on to removing the ash tree. More rigging was used to control the limbs coming off the most leaning stem, which was away from the neighbour’s property. There was also a need to prevent any damage to a few smaller hawthorn trees that were scattered around underneath.

Woodland Thinning Plympton - Tree Surgeons in Trees - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd
Woodland Thinning Plympton - Tree Surgeon in Tree - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

The Results

In fine weather, and on schedule, the task was accomplished without any damage, and the firewood was cut into rounds for splitting later. Another job done for lovely people in a charming location.

Woodland Thinning Plympton - Tree Stump - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd
Woodland Thinning Plympton - Grinding Stumps - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

Client Testimonial

“We have used the Tree Surgery Company Plymouth for the last three years for advice and management of our woodland garden. Recently we engaged their services to help us thin the canopy to strengthen some larger existing trees and encourage more shrubs to grow below. The team removed a twin stem from two very tall sycamore trees and removed some dying ash that were leaning over the neighbours garden. Luke, Dan and Mike did a great job as usual, very professional, helpful and mindful to maintain a habitat attractive and sympathetic to wildlife. The lads made sure to have the wood cut and stacked ready for us and tidied up the remaining sawdust from the surrounding plants. We were delighted as usual with their work and are always confident they only cut what is necessary and always give us good advice on how to manage our garden. We trust them implicitly and highly recommend them to anyone in need of tree work.”


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