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Woodland Management Menheniot

Project Snapshot

We were involved in a Commercial Tree Surgery project in Menheniot, Liskeard, Cornwall. Our task was to assist with Woodland Management by removing dying and dangerous trees within the woodland. Additionally, we were required to remove certain trees to allow more light and room for undergrowth, juvenile trees, and wildlife. This would help to create a more diverse and stable woodland.

Woodland Management Menheniot - Safety Helmets - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd
Woodland Management Menheniot - Chipper - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

The Challenge

The customer contacted us at the outset as their management plan indicated it was time to assess their woodland.

After our first visit to the site, it was decided that the plan of action was to remove a few select evergreen trees from the outer edge of the woodland. These trees had initially been left as a windbreak, enabling the saplings and more juvenile broadleaf trees to get better established. When inspecting the woodland more closely, it was also noticed that some of the ash trees were not looking as healthy as in previous years (due to ash dieback taking hold) and would need to be taken down. Approximately ten trees of varying sizes and statures were selected to be removed. This careful selection was aimed at improving the overall health of the woodland, ensuring a brighter future for its ecosystem.

Woodland Management Menheniot - Tree Felling - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd
Woodland Management Menheniot - Tree Climbing - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

The Solution

The task at hand was then to remove the evergreen trees that had been selected (spruce, pine, larch, etc.), remove any of the larger, more dangerous-looking ash trees, and do a bit of remedial pruning on any broadleaf (sycamore, beech, etc.) to keep them healthy. During the process, we used brash and logs to create a wildlife habitat for local inhabitants, such as hedgehogs and insects, as well as rides (or corridors) for birds and bats, allowing them to navigate through the woodland.

Due to the fairly small site and uneven ground, large machinery wasn’t an option, so climbing and felling were the way to go. Some of the wood from these trees was extracted for the customer to use as firewood, and some was left in the woodland as wildlife habitat. We used our Sherpa Agri Loader to our advantage to move the more prominent pieces around and assist with much of the work.

Woodland Management Menheniot - PPE & Loader - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd
Woodland Management Menheniot -Tree Scaling - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

The Results

After two days of work in the woodland (in glorious weather), the workload was completed to the customer’s great satisfaction. The work certainly made a difference, creating a visible transformation that allowed light to flood in and gave the younger broadleaf trees some much-needed space. The wood that was extracted for the customer was stored away to dry. We have since worked for the customer and their neighbour several times, carrying out removals, pollards and remedial work on fruit trees. We hope this means we are doing something right!

Woodland Management Menheniot - Loader with Tree Trunk - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd
Woodland Management Menheniot - Log Store - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd
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