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Trimming Hedges & Pruning Fruit Trees: Top Tips

Trimming Hedges - Tree Surgeon Hedge Trimming - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

Top Tips from a Tree Surgeon

If you are looking for expert guidance on trimming hedges or pruning fruit trees, you have come to the right place for top tips from qualified tree surgeons. Hedges are highly beneficial for you, your neighbours, and the country, helping the surrounding environment and ecosystem thrive.

Their benefits include serving as a source of shade, providing shelter for various wildlife such as birds, insects, and occasionally animals like hedgehogs. Additionally, they will even act as a noise dampener from neighbouring properties and roads, in addition to reducing the impact of wind.

Trimming Hedges - Trimmed Laurel Hedge - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

When To Trim Hedges

The months of March through to October are the perfect time for trimming hedges, to encourage a neat and beautiful appearance. Regular pruning not only maintains the hedge but also stimulates lush and healthy growth, making it easier to manage and shape.

In addition, trimming your hedges once for maintenance and twice for tight, attractive growth will keep your landscape looking its best. Using a professional tree surgeon to trim your hedges will ensure they are maintained appropriately to sustain healthy growth and direction and provide an attractive finish.

Trimming Hedges - Reduced Conifer Hedge - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

Trimming Coniferous Hedges

When trimming coniferous hedges, it is essential to carefully maintain and control their growth once they have reached your desired height. These hedges do not respond well to being drastically cut back. In fact, if you cut them in half on the top, it can take a long time (years!), if ever, for them to regrow back to their original state. This is why it is important to get it right the first time.

Moreover, if you cut a coniferous hedge back too harshly on the side, causing brown patches, it may never recover and regrow with its original green foliage.

Trimming Hedges - Flowering Hedge - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

Trimming Flowering Hedges

Make sure to trim any flowering hedges after they have finished flowering. Trimming your hedges at this time not only promotes healthy growth, but also allows you to enjoy a vibrant and flourishing display of flowers.

Trimming Hedges - Laurel Hedge - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

Trimming Evergreen Bushes

Evergreen hedging (such as Boxwood, Privet, Griselinia, and Laurel) is a modern and hardy choice for hedges compared to conifers. Trimming these evergreen bushes is best done anytime in spring, summer and early autumn. Unlike conifers, you do not need to be concerned about cutting them too harshly, as they have the remarkable ability to regrow.

However, whilst Yew trees can come back, they are extremely slow-growing compared to the rest of the varieties.

Trimming Hedges - Hawthorn Hedge - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

Trimming Deciduous Hedges

When properly nurtured and trimmed, deciduous hedges like Beech, Hornbeam, Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Hazel, Dogwood, Maple, and Berberis can form stunning natural barriers, adding a touch of beauty and elegance to any landscape.

Conversely, trees that produce a lot of sap, such as Magnolias, are better off being pruned in early autumn. As for other deciduous trees, they can generally be pruned whenever required.

Trimming Hedges - Holly Hedge - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

Trimming Prickly Hedges

When trimming prickly hedges like Hawthorn, Holly, and Pyracantha, you must be careful. Whilst these hedges are beautiful and provide safety for birds during nesting season, they can be pretty challenging (and painful!) to tidy up without the proper protection and gloves.

Interestingly, these hedges developed their thorns through evolution to defend themselves from being eaten by animals such as deer.

Trimming Hedges - Bird's Nest in Hedge - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

Nesting Season for Birds

The nesting season for birds is from March to September. This should not affect your general hedge trimming. However, if more drastic trimming, reshaping, or complete removal of a hedge needs to be done during this time frame, a qualified tree surgeon will have experience inspecting hedges. This will be done before starting any work to avoid disturbing the birds nesting, brooding and feeding their chicks. Taking this precaution will help ensure the safety and well-being of the birds during their breeding season.

Trimming Hedges - Fruit Tree in Garden - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

When To Prune Fruit Trees

Remember, the best time for pruning fruit trees is after fruiting has occurred. For stone fruit trees like Cherry, Plum, and Apricot, it is advisable to have them trimmed by a tree surgeon in mid-summer to lower the risk of a fungal infection called silver leaf.

Trimming Hedges - Trimmed Evergreen Hedge - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

Need Help Trimming Hedges or Pruning Fruit Trees?

If you need help with trimming your hedges or pruning your fruit trees in Plymouth or the surrounding areas, look no further than The Tree Surgery Company Ltd. Whether you require hedge trimming, hedge reduction, complete hedge removal, or pruning for your ornamental or fruit trees, we are here to meet your needs, regardless of the size of the job.

Tackling the task without proper knowledge could be detrimental to the health of your tree or hedge and could even lead to disease or dieback. Our qualified tree surgeons have the expertise to ensure that your trees and hedges are maintained in top condition, promoting their longevity and aesthetic appeal and encouraging healthy, fruitful growth. Additionally, we can arrange regular visits for maintenance purposes.

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