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Tree Planting Scheme: Doing our bit!

Tree Planting Scheme - Hands Holding A Plant - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

Environmentally Friendly Ethos

At The Tree Surgery Company Ltd, we pride ourselves in striving to be as environmentally-friendly as possible. Climate change, as we all know, is harming our planet and we all need to do our bit to help protect the future. 

Currently, all excess wood and chippings from our projects are either recycled by being donated for use in gardens/allotments, or sent to a composting site.

Tree Planting Scheme

Tree Planting Scheme - Squirrels - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

In a bid to help reduce our carbon footprint even further, we have signed up to a Tree Planting Scheme, in conjunction with Moretrees.eco.

They work with tree-planting partners all over the world, working alongside local communities.  Their work helps to restore healthy forests and reduce poverty.

Planting trees helps to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere.  It also provides the benefit of water filtration, food sources, shelter and a variety of plant and animal life that are encouraged in particular habitats.

Why fell trees? Isn’t this bad for the environment?

Tree Planting Scheme - Wooded Area - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

In short, the answer to that question is no – as long as it is done by a professional with a felling licence and only performed for safety or sustainability reasons. 

Whilst we obviously always endeavour to save healthy trees, sometimes a dangerous tree will inevitably require felling to avoid injury to people or property from fallen branches – or even a whole tree itself! 

If a tree is diseased, felling is essential to prevent it from spreading, protecting other trees and plant-life from becoming diseased or ridden with pests.  If not dealt with, the impact could have a devastating effect – especially in heavily forests/wooded areas.

Another reason for felling trees, is to provide sustainable timber for paper, furniture and fuel etc.  If forests/woodland are carefully managed, they can produce a source of renewable wood indefinitely.

Our survival depends largely upon trees.  Cutting down or felling trees in a responsible manner is not detrimental to life – in fact, it is good for the health of forests/woodland.  It is good practice to fell selected trees, to allow more sunlight to penetrate through to the floor and give space for the surrounding trees to grow.

Our Pledge

Tree Planting Scheme - Sprouting Plants - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

At the Tree Surgery Company Ltd, we pledge that for every mature tree we remove, we will fund the planting of a tree.  Furthermore, whenever any of our jobs/projects reach a pre-defined price-point, we will also fund the planting of a tree.  All of the above will contribute towards our goal of offsetting our carbon footprint, therefore helping to protect our environment and the future of the planet.

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