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Tree Removal: Tree Dismantling and Tree Felling Plymouth

Our expert team are experienced in all aspects of tree removal in Plymouth and the surrounding areas.

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Tree Removal and Tree Dismantling

Tree Removal is when a tree is removed, leaving a stump at the height of your choice. Here at The Tree Surgery Company Ltd, we can also provide stump grinding services to below ground level, on request.

Tree felling is not always an option – especially if in a ‘hard to reach’ area, or it could damage nearby property. Dismantling involves taking down the tree canopy in sections, using a more sensitive approach.

Tree Felling

Nobody wants to fell a healthy tree.  Tree felling is something that should only be considered as a last resort, and should always be carried out by a professional tree surgeon with access to specialised equipment.  If you think you have a tree that needs to be removed by felling or dismantling, contact us at The Tree Surgery Company Ltd to discuss your needs.  We are on hand to give honest advice and to use our expertise to make sure that your tree is removed in accordance with Health and Safety standards.

Tree Felling Plymouth - Chainsaw - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd
Tree Felling Plymouth - Chainsaw Usage - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd
Tree Felling Plymouth - Removing Eucalyptus - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

Why You Might Require Tree Felling Services

Your tree is diseased: As professional tree surgeons, we can give expert advice on whether a tree can be saved.  Disease can spread to other trees and plants, so immediate attention is required.  Similarly, a decayed tree is hard to spot.  If left to rot, it could be very dangerous – causing the tree to fall.

Your tree is leaning heavily to one side, due to persistent bad-weather conditions: The British weather has a reputation for being wet and windy throughout most of the year.  Tree removal by felling or dismantling might be an option, to avoid impending disaster.

Branches of your tree are causing structural damage to a building, and roots are destroying paving or drainage: If your tree is causing structural damage to your house or outbuildings, or the roots have spread so far that they are affecting paving and drainage, you should seek professional tree removal services.

Tree Felling Plymouth - Removing Eucalyptus - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

Safety Risk

If your tree has died, it will pose a safety risk, causing falling branches. Bad weather conditions can cause the whole tree to fall unexpectedly. Tree felling or dismantling will be required in this situation. Contact us if you think you have a dead tree on your property.

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