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Professional Tree Felling in Cornwall

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Stay Safe This Winter with Trusted Tree Surgeons in Cornwall

Do you have trees in your garden, or surrounding your property?  We are fast approaching winter, and many parts of the UK have already been blasted by strong winds and floods – both of which can cause untold damage to trees, buildings or people. 

Just a few days ago, there were images being shown on TV where a mixture of high tides, flooding, wind damage and storms were having an adverse effect in many parts of Cornwall.  Have you suffered from the backlash of the autumn weather in your area?  If not, you are extremely fortunate.  For those who live in the affected areas, you will be very aware that this is just the start of the ‘silly season’ where tensions run high with each weather warning that is issued.

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Always Use a Qualified Tree Surgeon for Tree Felling in Cornwall

The Tree Surgery Company Ltd, are trusted tree surgeons in Cornwall.  If you find yourself in a position where there is damage to a tree, close to your house or business, we are on hand to safely remove offending branches, or even whole trees – based on an initial risk assessment.  Our team are experienced in both domestic and commercial tree felling in Cornwall, and are fully qualified and insured to undertake all tree and hedge services.

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Emergency Tree Surgery in Cornwall

In high winds, it is commonplace for trees to sustain irreparable damage – sometimes even falling into the path of roads, rivers or properties – most of which are out of the control of humans.  Mother Nature can be a relentless beast, and when in full flow, can cause danger to life.

Call our trusted tree surgeons if you have a fallen tree, or a tree on your property which is posing an immediate threat to life or buildings.  At The Tree Surgery Company Ltd we also offer a 24/7 call-out emergency service, should such an occasion happen out-of-hours, and we are fully trained in dealing with unexpected incidents in inclement circumstances.

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Three Best Rated – Tree Services

The skilled team at The Tree Surgery Company Ltd have been awarded the accolade of ‘Three Best Rated’ for Tree Services in Plymouth (where we are based) for the past couple of years, and we cover South Devon & Cornwall areas.

We are experts in not only standard tree services such as Pruning, Pollarding, Crown Lifting, Crown Reducing, Crown Thinning, Stump Grinding, Hedge Cutting & Trimming, but  also have the necessary experience, training and qualifications to fell and dismantle trees.  In hard-to-reach areas, or places close to nearby property/public rights-of-way, great care and attention is vital in order to preserve the surroundings, and maintain safety for all.

Tree Felling Cornwall - Dismantling Big Trees - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd
Tree Felling Cornwall - Cornwall Tree Felling - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

Felling Trees in Cornwall, incl Large Trees

Our trusted Cornwall tree surgeons have the ability and qualifications to use specialised equipment to scale trees and carry out necessary remedial work, dismantling or felling large trees as required.  If there is sufficient space, and a risk assessment allows, we can fell a damaged or diseased tree in one, then use our heavy duty equipment to section the trunk into manageable pieces.  The wood is always disposed of in a suitable, environmentally-friendly manner.

However, should a tree be in a tight space where felling would neither be possible, nor a safe thing to carry out, our knowledgeable tree surgeons can use rigging equipment and cranes to carefully dismantle a tree piece-by-piece, lowering limbs/sections to ground level, so as not to endanger or cause harm to people or property in the immediate area.  We always work in accordance with British Safety Standards and leave any premises clean and tidy after each job.

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Contact Us for Tree Felling in Cornwall

Contact our reliable tree surgeons in Cornwall if you are looking for a reputable company.  As responsible tree surgeons, we only fell or dismantle trees as a last resort, as we aim to preserve as many trees as possible.  For every tree we fell, we plant another tree, as part of a tree planting scheme in conjunction with ‘Moretrees.eco.’ 

If you require domestic or commercial tree surgery in Cornwall, please do not hesitate to contact us, either by phone on 01752 213597, or you can complete the contact form on our website, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  Please leave a message if you do not get an immediate response by phone, as we could be up a tree or using noisy chainsaws! 

If you require dismantling or tree felling in Cornwall in an emergency, or out-of-hours, please call 07540 333534

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