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Stump Grinding Plymouth

The Tree Surgery Company Ltd provide an expert stump grinding service for both trees and hedges in Plymouth and the surrounding areas.

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Why do I need Stump Grinding?

When you have had tree removal, you will be left with a stump in your garden.  Stumps are a potential tripping hazard and as such, are a health and safety nightmare! 

If stumps are left in the ground, they will decay.  Stump Grinding will remove the stump, leaving you with a workable surface – meaning you can use the area to re-turf, use as a planting area, or simply enjoy the space, without the risk of any hazardous protrusions getting in the way.

Stump Grinding is not exclusive to trees.  It can also be performed after hedge removal – leaving the surface ready for you to build a fence or whatever you desire.

Stump Grinding Plymouth - Stump in Woods - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

How can The Tree Surgery Company Ltd help?

Our experienced tree surgeons can remove your tree or hedge stumps, leaving you with peace of mind, knowing that all has been taken care of in a professional manner.

Stump Grinding requires specialist equipment called a stump grinder.  This is a high-speed disc-cutter with teeth that grind the stump into small chips – to below ground level.  Our team are fully qualified and insured to handle this equipment and will use their expertise to meet your requirements.  Grindings created by the process will stay on site, to mulch down to ground level. The Tree Surgery Company Ltd will leave the site clean and tidy after every job, leaving you to relax and enjoy your garden.

The Tree Surgery Company are hard-working, with customer satisfaction being at the heart of their business.  Contact us to discuss your Stump Grinding requirements using the contact form, or call us on 07540 333534 or 01752 213597.

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