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Professional Hedge Trimming

Professional Hedge Trimming - Trimmed Garden - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

Hedge Maintenance

Professional hedge trimming and hedge pruning are essential, and should be carried out on a regular basis, at specific times of year, depending upon when planted, and whether you have deciduous, conifer or evergreen varieties. 

Hedge pruning should be carried out not long after planting, and on a regular basis for approximately 2yrs afterwards.  Pruning stimulates new growth and encourages the blossoming of any fruit/flowers.  The shape and direction of growth can be controlled by cutting either to outward or inward pointing buds or branches. 

Hedge trimming maintains the shape, plus aesthetic properties, and helps to keep a hedge dense for privacy purposes.  Trimming is usually required in late spring/early summer and possibly at additional times of year according to whether formal or informal hedges.  The Tree Surgery Company Ltd. are qualified, professional tree surgeons in Plymouth and are knowledgeable and experienced in all hedge related services.

Professional Hedge Trimming - Big Hedge - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

Why Do I Need a Professional Tree Surgeon?

A qualified tree surgeon will have extensive knowledge about different varieties of hedge.  They will be able to tell you exactly when a hedge requires pruning or trimming, and the time of year it should be carried out.  Professional hedge trimming and pruning involves a lot more than simply taking a chainsaw or a pair of secateurs and chopping off branches/leaves in straight lines.  There are specific methods to undertake and understand when training hedges to grow in certain directions to fill any gaps/holes and to encourage healthy growth. 

Although anyone could shape a hedge, it takes experience and training to be able to understand the growth pattern and know where to cut specifically.  Hedges can easily be damaged by incorrect handling, and flower/fruit production can cease.  Trimming hedges at the wrong time of year can also cause dieback, resulting in an unattractive brown, woody tangle of branches with large openings.

Professional Hedge Trimming - Leylandii Tree - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

Types of Hedge

Deciduous Hedges

A deciduous hedge conserves energy in the autumn/winter by dropping the leaves and becoming dormant.  Examples of deciduous hedges common in the UK are Blackthorn, Hawthorn, Beech, Dogwood and Hornbeam.  Many of these provide nectar for bees and other pollinating insects.

Evergreen Hedges

Evergreen Hedges keep their foliage all year round.  Examples of evergreen hedges common in the UK are Laurel, Box, Holly, Yew and Privet.

Conifer Hedges

Conifer hedges are arguably also evergreens, with the majority keeping their leaves all year.  The reproduction of conifers are different, as they reproduce using male and female cones – the males (pollen cones) provide the pollen and the females (seed cones) collect the pollen and create the seeds.  Examples of conifer hedges common in the UK are Fir and the popular Leyland Cypress (aka Leylandii.)

Professional Hedge Trimming - Rigged - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

Tree Surgery in Plymouth

If you would like a no-obligation quote, want to book an appointment for professional hedge trimming or pruning in Plymouth, Devon or Cornwall, or would initially like to discuss the timing of your appointment (according to your hedge type) with one of our friendly team, please contact us.  You can call us on 01752 213597, 07540 333534 or email us by completing the contact form on the website. If we are up a tree or otherwise engaged with hedges, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our Plymouth tree surgeons also carry out domestic and commercial tree removal, felling & dismantling; crown reduction, thinning, lifting & pollarding; stump grinding; big tree felling; ornamental & fruit tree pruning and woodland management.  We always leave your garden/commercial premises clean and tidy.  Currently, all excess wood and chippings from our projects are either recycled by being donated for use in gardens/allotments, or sent to a composting site.

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