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Crown Reduction and Pollarding Plymouth

At The Tree Surgery Company Ltd, we take a professional approach when it comes to pruning trees in Plymouth and the surrounding areas.

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Pruning Services

Pruning trees is an essential part of maintenance, both for aesthetic purposes, safety purposes and the continuing health of your tree. Our services include Crown Reduction, Crown Lifting, Crown Thinning and Pollarding. Deadwooding is also a fundamental part of keeping your tree safe and healthy.

Pollarding Plymouth - Tree With A Crown - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

Crown Reduction

Crown Reduction is a popular pruning service in tree surgery.  It reduces the height and spread of the upper part of a tree canopy.  Crown Reduction is used to both control the size of a tree (eg. to avoid damage to property) and to reduce the stress that can be caused to the structure of the stem, from heavy branches.  If a tree has the beginnings of decay – reducing the weight of branches could lessen the risk of the tree falling.

Pollarding Plymouth - Green Crowns - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is the method of removing lower branches of a tree. It should always be carried out by those with expert knowledge, as if too many branches are removed at once, it will potentially damage the trunk. Crown Lifting can be used to improve sight-lines and to keep rogue branches away from traffic or buildings. Lifting a crown can redirect energy to other parts of older trees, that might be lacking in robustness.

Pollarding Plymouth - Autumn Tree Crowns - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

Crown Thinning

Crown Thinning is a process usually performed on hardwood trees, but can also be carried out on other species.  Selected branches are removed, reducing the density of the tree, allowing more light to pass through.  Crown Thinning protects the tree from wind damage in persistent, bad-weather conditions, as it can penetrate through vacant areas, rather than hitting an expanse of crown, causing stress to the structure of the tree.


Pollarding is a technique used to encourage new, directional growth, therefore resulting in controlled, healthy trees.  By cutting the tree back to the skeleton framework, it is encouraged to produce epicormic growth which can then be maintained with regular pruning.  Expertise by a professional is vital, as if not carried out with care, the tree could become susceptible to disease or poor regrowth.

Pollarding Plymouth - Tree Crowns - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd


Deadwooding is completed as standard by The Tree Surgery Company Ltd, when working with any tree.  Deadwooding is the removal of ‘dead’ wood to remove the hazard of falling branches, and is an essential part of tree surgery.  You can rely on the expertise of The Tree Surgery Company Ltd for all of your Crown Reduction and Pollarding needs.

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