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Plymouth Tree Surgery – Winter Advice and Tips

Taking Care of Your Trees in Winter

With the autumn leaves falling, and the winter months fast approaching us, it’s the best time to contact your local Plymouth tree surgery company.  Trees need care and attention in the winter, to help protect them from disease, decreasing temperatures and the harsh elements of the good old British weather.  Although the majority of people think about having their trees taken care of in the warmer spring and summer months – to ensure their gardens are looking aesthetically pleasing for barbecues, or simply to enable them to enjoy their outside space – trees also require care and attention in late autumn or early winter to help them thrive.

Why Do Trees Need Attention in Winter?

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In the late autumn/winter months, the temperatures drop.  This is when trees become dormant – they are alive, but are not actively growing.  Pruning your trees is best during this period, as if you wait until the warmer weather after growth has started again, it could have an adverse effect on the foliage, flower and fruit production for the coming year, in addition to reducing growth in general.  Although this is the general rule for most trees, the time of year will depend upon the type of tree, and might not be applicable to all. It can depend on age, size and species. Believe it or not, trees are also susceptible to drought in winter, as the vascular tissue is unable to transport adequate amounts of water and nutrients during this season.  Professional knowledge and maintenance is key to a healthy tree.  If you wish to discuss timings for when you should seek out Plymouth tree surgery for your garden or business premises, The Tree Surgery Company Ltd will be happy to impart their expert advice.

Plymouth Tree Surgery – Advantages to Winter Pruning

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  • It helps to improve the health and aesthetics of trees and shrubs.
  • Renewed roots and energy will be more likely to heal pruning cuts.
  • Foliage, flower and fruit production will be improved.
  • Disease pathogens are not active, reducing serious risk of harm to trees.
  • Insects are less likely to affect trees during the winter.

Pruning should always be carried out by qualified tree surgeons, using quality equipment and relevant safety precautions to avoid the risk of causing irreversible damage to yourself and your tree.

Tips from The Tree Surgery Company Ltd.

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During winter, there are several procedures that should ideally take place in order to maintain the health of your trees.  If you see any signs of disease or identify branches that may be broken, a tree surgeon should be contacted to rectify this prior to frosty temperatures.  If not treated, it could cause infection and lead to fallen branches.

If tree branches fall, which often happens during winter – especially with high winds – there is a potential risk of damage not only to people, but also to animals, vehicles and property.  If the tree is within your grounds and has not been maintained properly, you could be liable to prosecution.  The Tree Surgery Company offer tree felling and dismantling services – allowing them to safely remove any limbs that might pose a threat, without damaging the health of the tree.  We also offer an emergency callout service, should any unexpected dangerous incidents occur.

Recently planted trees should be watered throughout the winter months.  This might sound counter-productive, given the amount of rainfall, although during icy or drier periods, not watering them could contribute to root damage.

Contact Us for Professional Plymouth Tree Services

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As a local Plymouth tree surgery company, we are qualified, professional tree surgeons who also serve Devon and Cornwall, including: Plympton; Plymstock; Ivybridge; Ashburton; Buckfastleigh; Totnes; Dartington; Yelverton; Princetown; Wembury; Modbury; Kingsbridge; Brixton; Tavistock; Gunnislake; Launceston; Saltash; Torpoint; Callington; Liskeard; Millbrook; Looe and Polperro.  We provide both domestic and commercial tree surgery across these areas.

Our services include: Tree Removal, Felling and Dismantling; Crown Reduction, Crown Thinning, Crown Lifting and Pollarding; Hedge Trimming & Maintenance Services; Stump Grinding; Big Tree Felling using speciality equipment; Ornamental and Fruit Tree Pruning.

For all of your domestic and commercial tree surgeon requirements, please contact us either via our contact form or by telephone on 01752 213597 or 07540 333534

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