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Autumn/Winter Tips from Your Local Tree Surgeon in Plymouth

Autumn/Winter Task List

The good old British summer is well and truly upon us, with a rollercoaster of baking hot sun or torrential rain.  Many will be sat indoors on wet days, wishing they could be outside in their gardens – either relaxing, or having a barbeque and a few drinks with friends or family.  In order to ensure that your trees and hedges remain healthy, look pleasing to the eye, and aren’t posing a threat to people or property, it is essential that you keep them in optimal condition. Using a professional tree surgeon is the best way to manage your garden requirements, using their knowledge and skill to safely carry out the workmanship, whilst taking into account the health, structure and best time of year for specific tasks.  Here at The Tree Surgery Company Ltd, your local tree surgeon in Plymouth, we have put together a few tips for tree surgery that you should be considering for Autumn/Winter.

Local Tree Surgeon Plymouth - View of Trees from Above - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd
Local Tree Surgeon Plymouth - View from Top of Tree - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

Hedge Trimming & Maintenance

August is really the latest time for your hedges to receive their final trim, before the winter well and truly sets in.  This will give them time to harden prior to the cold snap, and avoid damage.  If they are left too late in the year, the ever-dropping temperatures could stop growth completely. 

Conifers are best pruned between April and the end of August for a similar reason.  Pruning too late, will mean that foliage could go brown, which could be caused by either not being hardy enough, insects or diseases. 

For deciduous hedges (that shed their leaves manually) generally, October is the latest month for cutting back.

Local Tree Surgeon Plymouth - Tree Surgery Van - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd
Local Tree Surgeon Plymouth - Tree Near a House - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

Tree Pruning

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting of trees can help to reduce weight and facilitate light penetration, in addition to allowing access underneath.  It involves removing some of the lower branches to lift the canopy.  If carried out in warm weather, it could result in the tree bleeding or weeping.  This is better if completed in autumn/winter months.

Crown Reduction

Crown Reduction is when excess bulk is removed, without changing the shape of the tree.  For a deciduous tree, there are occasions when this should be carried out when it is in leaf.  However, it is preferable and can be much more accurate if completed when there are no leaves, and the tree is dormant.  This can also be carried out in autumn/winter months.

Local Tree Surgeon Plymouth - Surgeon Up a Tree - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd
Local Tree Surgeon Plymouth - Surgeon Felling a Tree - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

Felling Trees

Felling trees should be avoided where possible, during the nesting season (March – late August) and is best undertaken from September onwards.  Felling can be completed at other times of the year, if necessary, but only if there are no signs of nesting present.  Your local tree surgeon in Plymouth will advise you, and can make the necessary checks.

Dead Wooding

Any dead wooding should be carried out as standard, and the skilled arborists at The Tree Surgeon Company Ltd always do this as standard when completing any tree surgery.  Dead wooding helps to avoid damage from pests and spreading of diseases.  There is also a danger of falling branches if left to rot, which could damage property or even worse – injure or kill people.

Local Tree Surgeon Plymouth - Shredder - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd
Local Tree Surgeon Plymouth - Road Signage - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding can prevent fungal root rotting – a disease that attacks the roots and grows in moist soil.  It can also prevent suckering.  Suckering is when plants regenerate, growing new roots.  If you have a stump that has been in-situ for a long time, or is starting to show signs of decay, then autumn/winter is the best time for stump grinding, as it makes it easier to remove the roots.  If the ground is soft and the stump is relatively new, then grinding can be done in either summer or winter.

Commercial Tree and Hedge Services

If you are a business owner, a commercial landlord or an estate agent, our experienced tree surgeons are qualified to carry out all manner of tree surgery, to ensure your commercial premises or woodland areas are healthy, aesthetically pleasing and safe for all of your staff, visitors and the general public.  Contact our friendly team if you wish to discuss your commercial tree surgery requirements.

Local Tree Surgeon Plymouth - Moving Tree Sections - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd
Local Tree Surgeon Plymouth - Cutting the Branches of a Tree - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

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