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Large Tree Removal in Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall

Large Tree Removal - Dismantling a Tree - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

Felling Large Trees

Despite trees being essential to the life of humans and animals due to oxygen production, carbon storage and habitation, there are times when large tree removal is necessary. The Tree Surgery Company Ltd., are qualified and insured to carry out large tree removal using cranes and heavy plant equipment and they also specialise in felling large trees in tight, hard-to-reach areas, using specialised rigging equipment, utilising their extensive knowledge.  If you require a Plymouth tree surgeon to carry out a risk assessment and remove a large tree on your domestic property, or you are a land owner/property owner/business manager and require large tree removal on a commercial property, we offer both domestic and commercial tree surgery in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall.

Large Tree Removal - Rigging - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

Large Tree Removal – Safety First

The removal of large trees must always be carried out by a qualified, professional arborist, as it is a dangerous act – especially when performed by an unqualified person.  There are so many things to take into account, such as:

Avoiding overhead cables: touching or bringing down power lines could lead to electric shocks, fires or even death.  It would also interrupt the electricity service to other properties and be costly to repair.

Other trees and hedges: damage to nearby trees, hedges and surrounding ground must be limited as far as humanly possible.

Nearby properties: it is imperative that large tree felling does not impose or cause a danger to nearby properties, or vehicles etc., both from a safety and a monetary point of view.

People: The risk of injury or death both to yourself or other people must be taken into account, prior to carrying out any kind of tree surgery.

Large Tree Removal - Chainsaw - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

Reasons For Large Tree Removal

Reasons for requesting the removal of large trees by a tree surgeon in Plymouth can vary.  Trees are good for the environment, and provide many benefits.  However, there are times when removal is necessary, and as long as this is carried out in a responsible manner, is perfectly acceptable.  Trees can become damaged by high winds/storms or bad frosts and also by high sided vehicles etc.  This can cause dead or decayed branches, which become unstable and therefore fall at random intervals, posing a risk to people and property.  In time, damage can cause trees to rot.  Pests and certain insects can lead to a diseased tree.  If not removed, the disease can spread to surrounding healthy trees, bushes and plants.  Some large trees may have roots which spread and result in damage to neighbouring pathways and properties.

Large Tree Removal - Big Tree Cutting - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd


Trees provide sustainable wood for paper/furniture/fuel etc.  When trees are planted to provide sustainable wood, it is sometimes necessary to remove the weaker trees in order to provide extra light.  This then assists with the growth of stronger, heathier trees and allows the light to penetrate the ground, providing plants for wildlife habitat.

Large Tree Removal - Using Specialist Equipment - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

The Tree Surgery Company Ltd.

Providing Plymouth tree surgery, in addition to covering the surrounding counties of Devon & Cornwall, we pride ourselves in our customer service, and have the skills and knowledge to implement large tree removal, wherever they are situated.  We can fell large trees with the assistance of cranes and heavy plant when the area is accessible.  This is especially useful when a tree is so damaged that it is dangerous to climb.  Many arborists will refuse to tackle large trees that are growing in hard-to-reach areas – our team of Plymouth tree surgeons are highly proficient in using specialised rigging equipment, combined with our knowledge and understanding of trees, allowing us to safely fell trees in sections, without causing damage to people or property. 

Large Tree Removal - View from Top of Ash Tree - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

Recent Large Tree Removal

Recently, we removed two large Ash trees in an extremely tight drop zone, whilst having to avoid surrounding bushes, lights and trees.  We also removed two large Beech trees in a tight area, leaving the garden intact and avoiding the neighbouring trees and garden area.  The trees were accessed by our tree surgeons via rope and harness.  Individual branches were cut, then lowered to the ground one-by-one on ropes, to minimise the impact to the ground.  The trunk was then removed in sections, taking into account the space available. 

We use ground protection where necessary, both to keep the area intact and to minimise disruption/damage by foot traffic and machinery.  Our tree surgeons use specialised equipment such as mini-loaders to access narrow gardens if required.  A stump can be left if requested.  If you wish for it to be removed, we provide stump grinding down to below floor level.  The debris from the stump can be left to mulch down, making the surface even.

Large Tree Removal - Cleaning Up - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

Do You Require Large Tree Removal in Plymouth, Devon or Cornwall?

At The Tree Surgery Company Ltd., we are careful to leave all sites clean and tidy after our tree surgeons have finished working, leaving you to enjoy your domestic or commercial space.  We cover a large area, including Devon – Plymouth; Plympton; Plymstock; Ivybridge; Ashburton; Buckfastleigh; Totnes; Dartington; Yelverton; Princetown; Wembury; Modbury; Kingsbridge; Brixton; Tavistock. Cornwall – Gunnislake; Launceston; Saltash; Torpoint; Callington; Liskeard; Millbrook; Looe & Polperro.

In addition to tree removal, felling and dismantling, we also provide crown reduction, thinning and lifting; hedge trimming, reduction and hedge removal; stump grinding; ornamental and fruit tree pruning for both domestic and commercial properties.  Please contact us to receive a no-obligation quote and discuss your needs on 01752 213597 or 07540 333534.  Alternatively, you can email us by completing the contact form on our website.

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