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Hedge Maintenance and Hedge Trimming in Plymouth

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Maintaining Your Hedges

It is important that hedges are maintained well, for many reasons.  Regular maintenance is essential, if you require a neat hedge in your garden.  Hedges require controlling and can easily get out of hand.  Maintaining your hedge can also thicken sparce areas – especially if your hedge is providing privacy.  Our friendly team can give you honest, and expert advice on when, and how often to carry out hedge maintenance.

Hedge Trimming

Keeping your hedges trimmed, not only ensures that your garden is aesthetically pleasing, but it also contributes to healthy growth. Hedge trimming should be carried out around 2 – 3 times per year (depending upon the species). A tree surgeon can spot any holes in your hedge, and use their skills to train the hedge to fill in any gaps. If your hedge overhangs a public right of way, you must keep it trimmed to avoid any potential prosecution by your local authority.

Hedge Trimming Plymouth - A Surgeon Trimming Hedges Mobile - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

Hedge Reduction and Hedge Removal

Hedge Reduction involves reducing the height and/or width of your hedge.  This is done for many reasons, including the reduction of shadowing over plants, which may be limiting foliage-growth or flowering; increasing light in the garden as a whole and to encourage fresh growth of your hedge.   

Hedge removal is a process that should be carried out by a qualified tree surgeon.  Specialist equipment and training is required, in order to remove your hedge safely and permanently.  Prior to removing a hedge, our team will ensure there are no nesting birds within it.   We at The Tree Surgery Company Ltd are experienced in hedge removal and can also carry out stump grinding if necessary.

Hedge Trimming Plymouth - A Trimmed Hedge - The Tree Surgery Company Ltd

No-Obligation Quote

Here at The Tree Surgery Company Ltd, we have the qualifications and experience to fulfil all of your hedge maintenance and hedge trimming requirements. Contact us to receive a no-obligation quote and discuss your needs.

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