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Commercial Tree Surgery Plymouth

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Commercial tree surgery can bring many challenges, and it can be difficult to find a professional, qualified tree surgeon who has the expertise and experience to tackle the project. There is no doubt that tree surgery can be a dangerous game, and should never be attempted by cowboys offering too-good-to-be-true cheap services, or untrained persons. There are so many safety implications that need to be taken into account, and processes which need to be adhered to, following standards and promoting the health of trees and hedges. You should always choose a highly recommended commercial tree surgeon who will follow all regulations and carry out work safely, and to your specification.

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Three Best Rated – Tree Services in Plymouth

The Tree Surgery Company Ltd. are extremely proud to have been awarded the accolade of being one of the top 3 tree surgery companies in Plymouth for the second year running. We pride ourselves in taking great care in every aspect of our work, and the team are fully qualified and insured. All of our work adheres to British Safety Standards, and we are fully trained in using specialist equipment such as rigging and cranes. This allows us to carry out work such as felling large trees in difficult to reach areas, where the surroundings need to be carefully preserved.

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Why Do I Need Commercial Tree Surgery?

If you own a business, are a landlord of a commercial property, or manage a business, you have a responsibility to keep the grounds in a habitable state. The safety of visitors, staff and the general public is paramount – especially if you wish to avoid prosecution. You may also wish to retain the services of a commercial tree surgeon to keep the aesthetics of the property looking respectable – giving a good first impression. Our team will fulfil your requirements and are able to give expert advice where needed.

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Recent Commercial Tree Projects

The Tree Surgery Company Ltd. are respected and trusted arborists and have completed many commercial projects for various clients, in addition to domestic tree surgery for customers in and around Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall. 

We carry our work for Plymouth Community Homes on a regular basis, ensuring their properties are safe for their tenants. Most recently, our team have carried out commercial tree surgery in Plymouth for businesses such as VW Murrays and Howdens.  We have also utilised our skills for Freehold Management Services, in addition to a variety of estate agents, schools and churches.

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Our Commercial Tree Services

Commercial tree services undertaken include all tasks we undertake for domestic customers, albeit on a larger scale, with a few additional services. We provide hedge trimming, reduction and removal; tree removal, felling and dismantling; crown reduction, crown thinning, crown listing and pollarding; stump grinding; big tree felling using speciality equipment; ornamental and fruit tree pruning. Woodland management falls under the commercial umbrella only, including parks, wooded walking areas, areas of natural beauty, leisure parks, campsites and farms etc.

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Green Businesses

At The Tree Surgery Company Ltd., we are very aware of the ever-increasing need to be environmentally aware. Many businesses have a green ethos and are working towards reducing their carbon footprint, as are we.

After and during each project, we clean up after ourselves, leaving your site/property tidy. All excess wood and chippings are either sent to a composting site, recycled or donated to be used in gardens/allotments.

Tree Planting Scheme

There will be occasions when branches/limbs from trees around your commercial property have become damaged/diseased, or roots are damaging your building. Although we are in the business of preserving healthy trees, in these instances, trees may inevitably need to be felled. As part of a scheme with Moretrees.eco, we have signed up to plant a tree for each one we have to remove. This scheme helps tree planting partners across the world.

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Contact Us

If you are interested in Commercial Tree Surgery in Plymouth, Devon or Cornwall, give our friendly team a call on 01752 213597 / 07540 333534, or complete the contact form on our website and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and give you a free, no-obligation quotation.

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